He Sai Baba Please forgive me..

He Sai Baba Please I am very sorry I have not behaved as a good girl. I am very sorry Babaji. Please forgive me. Please please forgive me. I am not feeling good at all these days. Please forgive me with Generousness. I am feeling very guilty and bad about my bad behaviour. Please Sai Baba I dont want to go from here. Please delay karado till October November. Baba my heart says not to go from here. Please saimaa please help me. I am so thankful to You. Please make all terms with everybody here nice and pleasant and sweet once again Babaji. Please Help me Sai Babaji. Omsairam Please Help me Sai Babaji. Omsairam I am feeling very helpless and alone. Dearest Saiji Please come to my Help immediately. I am feeling very lonely and dejected. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Please Saiji Please come to my rescue Baba. I request You with Love and Affection. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam

My Sai Babaji Called me to Shirdi..

He Sai Baba Thank You so much for calling me to Shirdi in year 2013. I am sorry I could not write my experience for this long time. I am sorry Babaji. I am really sorry. Babaji Please make me remind past good experiences in Shirdi and please make me write them With Your Kind Permission and Kind Grace and Blessings. He Sai madad karo.

Baba Called me to Shirdi with my family for the first time after I got my job. Thank You so much Sai Baba for calling me to Shirdi. I remember how I was called to Shirdi and how I was so happy. This was my 4th Shirdi Darshan. Thank You so much Baba. Thank You Baba for making me complete my vows relating to getting my job. Thank You so much Baba.

We reached Shirdi and got a nice hotel a new one near Dwarkamai. I am always happy when we go to Shirdi. We had blissful darshan of our Beautiful Baba in Shri Samadhi Mandir, my favourite Dwarkamai, Shri Gurusthan and Shri Chavadi. We also had Darshan of Lord Khandoba, and Maa Lakshmi Temple, Jai Hanumanji Temple, all the temples Lord Ganesh Temple, Lord Mahadev Temple,Lord Shri Shani Dev temple in the Sai Complex. Thank You so much Saiji . We read Shri SaiSatcharitra in the Reading Hall also and blissfully enjoyed being in Shirdi, having icecream and I remember while having ice cream I was thanking Baba from deep heart.

In the Samadhi temple, when we were having Darshan, the guard standing near Baba gave me a flower which made me very very happy and one aunty sitting outside Dwarkamai gave me kind blessings. I was so so happy. Thank You so much Sai Baba.

By God’s Grace, we also went to Shri Shani Shingnapur Temple and had blessed Darshan of Lord Shani Dev. Thank You Lord Shani Dev. I prayed to Lord in my hometown temple that please call me to Shirdi and bless me with Your Darshan in Shri Shani Shingnapur. God Babaji and Lord Shani Devji listened to my prayer and heartfully accepted it. Thank You so much Sai Baba and Lord Shani Dev for this Kind Grace upon me.

With Lord Mahadev’s Kind Grace and Blessings, we also went to Nasik Tryambeshkwar and had Beautiful Darshan of Lord Tryambak Mahadev. Thank You so much God. Also Lord Mahadev called us to Aurangabad and blessed us with Pious Darshan of Lord Omkareshwar. Thank You God so much. Thank You so much God.
It is well known to all Bhaktas of Baba that one can go to Shirdi only on Baba’s accord and also leave Shirdi again only with Baba’s Permission.
We had our tickets for Shirdi, but for coming back it was not confirmed. My heart wanted to stay for 3 days as we had planned. But things did not seem like that. But My Baba As Kind and Generous as ever lovingly accepted my prayer and made us live and breathe in Shirdi for all 3 days and our ticket was confirmed for after 3 days only. Thank You so much Sai Baba. When I slept in our hotel room, I used to feel so much peace in my heart and mind that I am in Shirdi in Baba’s Laps and I don’t need to worry about anything at all in life.

He will take care of me in everything. He is there to take care of us, my family and He will remove all our worries and tensions and Bless us with happiness and peace. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Thank You so much Sai Baba.

Thank You so much Sai Baba for bringing me into Your Sharan. Please Let me be in Your Sharan forever in this life and all my future births to come. I am nothing Without You Baba. You Have taken me out of all problems in my life, the biggest of my problems and hardest of my troubles, Baba. I realize You Have Always Been there for me in every situation in every circumstance of my life. Baba You cured me of my illness forever, blessed me with a decent job, passing all exams, blessing me with Promotion, and transferring me to a nice place where I have been able to live peacefully and happily enjoying my life once again without stress. Thank You Sai Babaji for my nice work environment where I have enjoyed work in the true sense without stress and difficulties.
Thank You so much Sai Baba for everything. I am in tears right now writing this feeling absorbed in Your Love Baba. Please mujhe kabhi mat chodna Baba. Main hoon toh aapki wajah se. I have no identity and existence without You Baba. Please Please Please Shower Your Grace and Love on me always. Baba You are the One whom I truly Love with all my heart and soul along with my family. Thank You Baba so much. I Love You Baba. Please don’t ever Leave me Baba though I am confused or in doubt at so many times. Please don’t ever Leave me Sai Baba. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam..

He Saimaa Please Call me to Shirdi Once again. Please Baba. I am longing for Your Darshan Baba. Please Baba help me. I am very helpless and very depressed in life. Please Baba save me from all problems and troubles Baba. Please bring happiness and peace in my family and my life. Thank You Baba so much. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam. Thank You so much Sai Baba.

Thnak You so much Sai Baba for making me write Shirdi Experience. It’s a MIRACLE for me. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam..

Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai Omsai!!!

My Daughter: late Charilata

हु चरुलरा ना पपा ,चारू ने किड्नी नी सारवार बराबर न आपी सक्यो ते बदल मारी पुत्री चारू नी अने बाबा तमारी माफी मागू छु, मारी पुत्री चारू ने मोक्ष आप्जो और जन्म आपो तो ऐइवी जगया ये आपजो के चारू ने बधी ज प्रकार अनेकि गनू शुख प्राप्त करे

I made a mistake!

BABA i surrender to your feet and to yourself and forgive my sins and mistakes. BABA i have faith in you and believe in you. i want good relationship with Pavithra till my life ends. i have faith in her and want to show her love and care towards me. i have faith in her and today i had a small doubt over her but later realized my mistake and feel crying. i should not have any doubt here after over her. give me peace of mind and strength. Om sai ram


Om sai ram…. A crores of pranam to sai. He save me from a bad throat infection which the doctors could not recognise clearly. But lord sai saved me from unbearable pain…Thanks sai a lot.. And I haven’t got job as I have completed engineering from 2011. so please sai help me to get job in government sector. Please please please please please please please sai heal my mother’s joint pain…please. Please sai help my family… Om sai ram!